Infj subtypes

We have found that there are four ENTJ subtypes, all based on which cognitive functions you are currently using the most. Extroverted thinking is an architect function. Architecture and system design is an ENTJs greatest passion.

Using this function, they can take the role of the judge and the executive, planning, structuring, and organizing their life and their decisions thoroughly. ENTJs are future oriented leaders and people who live by a secret strategy or a hidden code.

These ENTJs are assertive, confident, methodical, and pragmatic. Introverted intuition brings them growth, but these ENTJs know how to balance work and play. True to themselves, they use the architect function to make their life into whatever they want, passionately working towards their ambitions and their interests. But stress and anxiety or a bad environment can make you fall into one of the many other subtypes.

Using introverted intuition can trigger alot of growth for ENTJs. But it is also something that can cause stress, as it requires energy and effort to maintain this function. For an INTJ, introverted intuition is a passion. But for an ENTJ, introverted intuition is a duty and something you pride yourself on having.

Basicall, introverted intuition represents an ENTJs higher awareness and what they aspire towards. ENTJs are among the most deliberately strategical types you can encounter. You can spend years in the background working until every step in your plan has been accounted for.

Being in this subtype can help shield you from being possessed by extroverted sensing. Extroverted sensing can risk clouding your bigger vision and long-term game, but introverted intuition can protect you from acting rashly and speaking out in anger. Introverted intuition gives you composure and vision, but it also makes people less drawn to you.

In this subtype, ENTJs become more of sideshow bobs. But it can also keep you from being true to yourself. If you want something, sometimes you just have to reach out and take it. For ENTJs, working out is a means of escaping stress and helping bring you relief and rest. But not all ENTJs pursue physical workouts, this subtype also covers partying, hedonism, and immersive subtypes.

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ENTJs who are the life of the party, ENTJs who are high up on the stage, speaking out in a concrete and direct way for issues they are passionate about.

Extroverted sensing gives you a presence which makes people listen to and look at you, regardless if they like you or not.

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But what they should watch out for is letting their message spin out of control.The most common and the more natural variation is the healer.

This INFP uses their detective function as well as their artistic intelligence. They are passionate and emotionally centered. They show exceptional clarity and high personal judgement.

How Spot INFJ Subtypes

Read about what it means to be an INFP here. But you will find throughout life that you constantly have to juggle other roles and expectations, and as a result, you will probably fall into all of these infp subtypes from time to time. Hopefully these subtypes can help show that the INFP is alot more free and less constrained by their stereotypes than we think. I believe all types are capable of a lot more than what their descriptions give them credit for, and too few theories help give all the different INFP subtypes room.

They understand the deeper layers of people and understand how the world can be made a better place through subtle, personal actions.

They are always scanning the world for disharmonies, and are constantly patching the world together. With their inner detective function, they spot new patterns before anyone else.

Surfing on these patterns, they are often a secret part of new change and new movements. This INFP frequently takes the time to process their life and their experiences and balances stress and anxiety well, but also has an active role in their community. When the INFP becomes more anxious or sad, they often fall more into introverted sensing and the artist. This is one of the more common INFP subtypes. By reflecting on this map, they can process their life, and their past experiences, searching answer as to who they are and what this all means.

Because this subtype is often fueled by some form of anxiety, their artistic expression is often fueled by sadness or pain.

INFP Subtypes

This is an INFP who seeks to preserve the past and their current connections and experiences. They fear change as it puts pressure on them, and because change risks them having to give up things that they cherish from the past.

It can also be an INFP who has had a negative experience that they are currently reliving and processing with the hope of finding answers as to why it occured. Because they spend a lot of processing, they can also be very wise.

They may have had negative experiences in their life but that has also taught them alot about life. When an INFP becomes overly stressed and burdened by the expectations of the world, they fall more into the extroverted intuitive and extroverted thinking infp subtypes. INFPs in this mode are highly optimistic and energetic.

Keeping the groups spirits up, they charm and enthuse the group, thinking of ways to entertain and keep people engaged. These INFPs are often very quirky and playful. Their minds are quick and they are highly associative thinkers and good conversationalists.The subtypes are meant to be a reflection of how you change under stress and anxiety. They can help you pinpoint positive behaviour and negative tendencies and they can make sure you remain centred and at your best.

Remember, that all types have struggles and issues, and that most of the unhealthy INFJ tendencies covered here are found in INFJs that are going through struggles and difficulties in their life. Strongest intelligence: Holistic Intelligence.

Balanced INFJs frequently take steps back to consider their next move. These INFJs see and imagine future scenarios before they act. They think about themselves and who they are and what they want and need.

infj subtypes

They are expressive and passionate about their visions and ideas. And they are organized and composed and think about the consequences of their actions before they speak.

These INFJs have also been able to think about healthy strategies to handle overwhelm and stress in their life. They remain in tune with what they want and their bigger goal, even under stress at work, and they keep a calm mood, even in a restless situation.

They take time to unwind and they centre themselves before they make decisions or promises. Have you met the guy or gal that recklessly throws themselves to the crowd, dancing on stages, and acts purely on instinct? These INFJs are often called chameleons, and for good reason, they have no inner compass or worldview. Whatever you put in to these INFJs, you get back. They are whatever the group is. But they compensate it with a great deal of passion and motivation.

These INFJs mirror your every move and word and adjust themselves to be completely like the crowd. They do anything you ask them to without a second of thought and they give of themselves without thinking about their own needs for even a second.

This INFJ has a high knack for communication and knows how to say the right thing to anyone. This is an INFJ who has lost touch with their vision and who acts overwhelmed. Their mood is unstable and quick changing.

There is a need for INFJs in this situation to take a step back and to calm down and to think: what do I want? Who am I? Where do I see myself in the next year? What do I think is my next step? Strongest intelligence: Analytical intelligence. You may have met these avoidant and more reclusive INFJs.I love this! I just started looking into enneagram types and I wasn't sure how well my 1w9 type fit in to the INTJ sense.

I completely agree with this Purist definition at least and find these subtypes interesting!! I'm a female INTJ, and a 5w6. I relate totally!!

I have at some point traits of the other sub-types but 5w6 is totally me!! In an INTJ who is definitely an enneagram type This is very accurate!

I'm also a female INTJ and enneagram type 5w6 by the way. I'm a 5 with balanced wings; I see quite a bit of myself in both the Arcanist and Genius descriptions. Great article. I recently figured out that Enneagram type plays a big role in making us INTJs different when I found the site personality-database.

infj subtypes

Seems to me like the other INTJ types are more critical of us 5s, especially if you go on sites like Quora. The 5s are the ones, if you're paying attention, that seem to be considered "unhealthy" or who need to "grow" by other INTJs. Very irritating.

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It's just yet another way we're criticized and alienated for being different. Female, INTJ, 5w6 here! Everything seemed to click. I recently took the Enneagram test and type 5 really just hits it home for me. The "Genius" profile above is very true to who I am.

I've always been a loner, relishing in knowledge and its pursuit rather than being overly social. This helps me in understanding myself a lot. I'm an anomaly. I think that life experiences have a definite and firm impact on sub-types.

Just my opinion. Help by Clicking on our Sponsors. Cognitive functions are fascinating and revealing to the way we operate socially, personally, professionally, and intimately. It just seems that we may have different flavors. Subtypes seemed like an option when I was reading about narcissist categories. I connected that thought to the Enneagram and the different wing types.We have found four INTP subtypes. The heroic, passionate subtype, which we call the code cracker.

The more stressed but responsible mentor subtype, which we call the hypothesis tester. An INTP is at their best when they are working with puzzling out and making sense of the worlds very complex maths and codes. Solving puzzles and issues that have boggled science and our understanding of the world is an INTPs passion. Introverted thinking is a reactive functionand works best in response to a problem or an issue at a workplace.

So INTPs are often the scientists who solve issues that have boggled society for a long time. On their own, without this extroverted thinking fuel, introverted thinking can easily run dry. INTPs are often suggested to be the online communities biggest trolls, but extroverted intuition is not to blame.

INTPs know how to make mistakes with deliberation. Using extroverted intuition in a goofy, experimental way, they can rule out possibilities and test hypothesises.

INFJ Subtypes: Intuitive Ni-INFJs and ethical Fe-INFJs

Truth is, a lot of great understanding can come from people who are diligently in pursuit of mistakes and failures, as long as they are ready to learn from it. As such, all INTPs are encouraged to sometimes use this subtype to get out into the world. While too much extroverted intuition can bring you stress, a healthy dose of stress can bring great growth for you.

Anxious INTP subtypes use introverted sensing, their sidekick function. INTPs can in this subtype immerse themselves in introverted sensing. Mastering every known routine or strategy, going over every possible course of action, and being able to remember exactly which chess piece is where and where it can potentially go.

The INFJ Enneagram Types

INTPs pursue introverted sensing like this out of a desire to avoid stress. Their introverted sensing often has an immature role in their behavior, acting as a means to escape the world, or to only encounter it in a controlled manner. But these INTPs can actually show amazing talent within a set field. These INTPs have an innate geekiness, they can be absolute experts in whatever their interests are. The problem is getting the comfort and maturity to use this hobby for the better of the world.

As a geeky INTP, consider how you could use your talents within this hobby for something better, rather than just to escape from the world. INTPs may be described as trolls because of their weak introverted sensing and extroverted feeling functions. INTPs become trolls because they are under stress or anxiety.

Being in the subtype of a troll, INTPs can parodize their opponents in order to dismantle their argument. This can at best create humorous contrast, revealing your opponents flaws, or it can be fallacious, as extroverted feeling begins to cloud your judgment. You risk becoming more melodramatic, exaggerating and distorting your opponents viewpoints.MBTI is a personality test available here as well to administer.

They developed this 16 personality type indicator on the theory introduced by Swiss psychiatrist Carl G.

This test was originally published inand since then being used to identify the career preferences. Initially, it was used to assess which career is best for women during WWII. MBTI is one of the most widely used personality tests to assess the tendencies of people to work and think in a particular way. The theory describes four core domains that lie on a continuum where one domain is opposing the other side of the domain.

This is also known as dichotomous domains. The initial domains are based on the writings of Jung, while the last domain was added by Katherine Briggs. This says that the person high on extraversion likes to join people and participate in gatherings.

As well as he feels recharged in the presence of others around. While the introvert tries to keep to himself and spend alone time, as well as they are quite reflective throughout the day.

Some people collect the information from the environment directly by their enhanced use of sensation. They use their five senses to make sense of the world. While the intuitive is more imaginative, dreamy, and innovative about the surroundings and what they mean.

If you consider yourself a thinker, then you must be considering the logic behind everything and go for the right solution. While feelers use their hearts more than their heads.

The person high on feelings understands the situations on the basis of emotions, and consider others. If you have seen someone organized, structured, following schedules then you already have come across the person dominant on judging. Whereas the person high on perceiving, they consider things as open, flexible and easy-going. MBTI says that you are either on one side of the continuum or the other. As discussed before, the MBTI gives 16 personality domains, based on four domains of personality.

These four domains combine in 16 different ways and describe the type of personality according to their preference. Someone more on judging is more organized, and plan ahead and maybe not comfortable with being spontaneous.

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There is a good piece of writing which extends the learning. This understanding regarding oneself is fruitful in a way of deciding the career, and right profession. The person gets to know the flavours of his personality. Whereas there are a lot of other tools available for the personality assessment, such as enneagram, and Big Five, but they just give a brief idea about personality.

MBTI clearly shows that there is no one type that is better than the other, but all these types are equally beneficial in one situation or the other. These are the ways of responding people use automatically in their environments. More specifically these are the preferences of responding. The 16 types discussed above can be assessed using the self-assessment questionnaire available here. People high on these four areas have a number of qualities which attract a lot of people while making others fearful as well.

These people are very conscious about their own expression of emotions and feelings as well as being caring, nurturing, warm, gentle and complex. They have their own ways of hiding themselves behind the hidden meaning and messages. They have an inner life, which is quite different from their real world.

They are hesitant in sharing their things with others, while can make another person to open up easily.I want to show that the INFJ personality types are less rare and more varied than people think. This is because the INFJ description often is written for a type with unusually high emotional intelligence. We want to show that INFJs have a big spectrum of possible differences.

infj subtypes

We want to write descriptions free from stereotypes. I advice you to understand that we can all fall into some of these patterns from time to time. Balancing all your inner drives with the demands and expectations from the outer world can be tricky.

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With no further ado, here are the four infj subtypes. This is the INFJ at their best, with high symbolical capital, a vision or a theory they are passionate about, and an audience or friends that feels connected to their message.

INFJs always have a desire and a need to speak out about something important to them. This INFJ is the most easy to recognize. They are perpetually amused types, serene, and open-minded, passionate visionaries. They are in touch with their goals and moving forward to get what they want and desire. This highly extroverted type is quite a chameleon. Often a singer, actor, or some form of performer.

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They are at risk of saying anything, as long as their audience likes it. They are very passionate and warm types, but have lost touch with their vision. They may struggle with feeling highly pressured and try too hard to be liked. This subtype can temporarily cause you to grow a lot as a person though. What is it you think is important?

Who are you? What is your bigger goal? Try to honor your own voice even if it puts you at risk of being rejected. This highly introverted type is often more focused on logical, academic, and theoretical pursuits. Their call to speak out is often shut down. Instead this type is highly perfectionistic and sets themselves and others to high standards.

Often Enneagram one or five types. At worst these types can be accused of being somewhat narcissistic and close-minded to others beliefs. They are very rational and calm types, but often lack passion and motivation. This subtype, while honest and true to themselves and their own way, often miss out on learning opportunities and chances for growth.

This INFJ gone wrong is aristocratic, power-oriented, and ready to do anything to get ahead in any situation. Out of touch with their own vision and their desire to do something for the community, they instead become more concerned with getting ahead and cheating their way through a situation.

Sometimes prone to narcissism and highly manipulative. This is the fourth most common of the INFJ subtypes, and highly rare, but rare in a world of 7. Truth is there are still many INFJs who are like this, some in top layers of our society, as politicians, celebrities and public figures. The four INFJ subtypes reveal how this type exists in much wider variation than previously believed.


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